Bang Messiah’s New Mixtape Captures the Feel of an Era

enp-9310Local deejay and producer Bang Messiah has been a fixture on the local hip-hop scene for quite awhile. To put things in a better perspective, he has credits that go all the way back into the early ’90s when he worked with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony when they were still known as Bone Enterprises.

On a chilly Wednesday night, Bang Messiah posts up in the Coventry neighborhood outside of the Grog Shop and chronicles his history and ascension to becoming one of the city’s most respected beatmakers.

“I basically made the ranks through deejaying,” Messiah says. “I was making beats. I didn’t have any equipment, but I was always collecting records. I became an avid digger and in 1995, I went from two crates to 30 crates. I got my first set of turntables with my real first job out of high school. I got my 1200s and started battling. As far as production, I used to roll with a beat crew in the ’90s called Infared Beat Seekers. We were underground but we had a cool little following. We were way before our time. The shit that they’re doing at Low End Theory now, we were doing back in ’97, ’98 and ’99. From there, I went to recording school. I was never really about placing beats, I just liked making dope beats more than anything.”

Bang Messiah’s production draws influence from sources that touch multiple regions of the country from the East Coast to Midwest to the South and even the West Coast. He likens his aesthetic to a combination of break beats and loops and producer Metro Boomin.

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