Rapper Scarface Delivers Two Solid Sets at the Grog Shop

Rapper Scarface may be “deeply rooted” in Houston, as the title of his latest project suggests, but the former members of the Geto Boys is certainly becoming more comfortable in Cleveland.

Last year, he played shows on back-to-back nights at the Grog Shop, but this time around, Scarface, who played the Grog Shop last night, played back-to-back sets in one night.

This latest tour, dubbed Scarface Unplugged, features a full band including a keyboardist, drummer, guitar and bass players; Scarface handles vocals and guitar at times.

You can see a slideshow of photos from the show here.

A cloud of smoke seemed to consume the room at last night’s show — and that was before the rapper performed “Mary Jane,” his ode to marijuana. The set list moved back and forth between newer material and time tested classics, but the audience didn’t mind. The result would find newer songs like “Hot Seat” and “Anything” followed up with tunes like “Fuck Faces,” “Scarface” and “Jesse James.”

“You hear it like that on the album,” Scarface said of the slight twang in his guitar strumming. “You hear it like that because I played that shit like that.”

During the first show, Scarface invited a young lady from the crowd onto the stage to rap as the band jammed out. Her initial lines were straight out of the movie Coming to America, which brought some laughs and playful boos.

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