RapReviews | Review: LMNZ – Anders als die Besseren

LMNZIn 1995, Lost Boyz dropped their criminally slept-on debut album, “Legal Drug Money.” The album’s second single “Lex, Coupes, Bimaz and Benz” included a hook that contains the line “And to the hoods, east coast, west coast, worldwide.” It’s almost guaranteed that Germany’s LMNZ took this to heart. For proof of this, look no further than his 2010 release “Worldwide Rap” — an album that featured artists from all six habitable continents in a true demonstration of the belief that hip-hop is undoubtedly universal. LMNZ is back at it again with “Anders als die Besseren,” which translates to “Different From The Better Ones” in English. The title is a play on the phrase “Besser als die Anderen” which translates to “Better Than The Other Ones.” The album features production from the likes of Cleast Intwood, GUTS, Batsauce, Beat 2.0 and of course LMNZ himself. Much like “Worldwide Rap,” the guest list is quite extensive, featuring twenty-seven artists overall.

The album opens up with LMNZ and Paco Mendoza on “Tranquillos.” LMNZ spits in German and Paco does his thing in what I assume to be Spanish as Loomis Green adds a bit of extra flavor with some tight guitar plucks. Sometimes music provides that much needed escape from the troubles of the day and on “Travelogue” LMNZ, Nosliw and Bajka are the captains of the spaceship to take us away to a more pleasant time and space. “Face” and “Fehlgeleitet” are both delivered in German by a going for dolo LMNZ. Even if you don’t understand a single damn word, the GUTS production on the former song pulls you in and on the latter, the “Between The Sheets” sample stops you in your tracks and makes you take notice of what’s going on here.

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