Examiner | The Ohio Hip Hop Awards Return To Columbus In Style

lolah brownLast Sunday, the 7th annual Ohio Hip Hop Awards &Music Conference wrapped up an entire weekend filled with entertainment and pertinent information for those wishing to take their careers in the music industry to the next level with their main event award show at the Aladdin Shrine Center.

Although all the nominees are Ohio-based, attendees traveled from places as far away as Florida and New York to attend the show honoring the biggest and brightest in Ohio hip hop and entertainment.

Each year, the pomp and circumstance associated with the event seems to grow larger and larger. This time around was no different. Every single inch of the Aladdin Shrine Center’s 24,024 square foot ballroom was put to good use. Vendor and sponsor booths lined the walls, selling their goods and distributing promotional materials to any and all interested parties in attendance.

Just outside the doors of the ballroom, the red carpet experience was in full effect as several nominees and their guests made their way inside of the venue. From the more outlandish outfits like sparkling dog collars and chains to the more traditional black suit and tie, it seemed as if everyone was out to make some sort of statement.

Inside, the show began promptly as Headkrack of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show read the winners of the Red Carpet Awards. This included awards for Best B-Boy and Best Photographer among others. Due to a scheduling conflict, Headkrack had to leave prematurely in order to make a flight, but Cuntry stepped in to fill the void, joining Power 107.5’s Misty Jordan to host the remainder of the show.

Rap/rock hybrid, Audio Engine kicked the show off in high octane fashion before turning the stage over to the founders of the Ohio Hip Hop Awards & Music Conference. Although Garbs Infinite was missing in action, D. Lorand Jackson, Derrick McKenzie and Quincy Taylor welcomed the audience to the show, thanking them for their attendance and support throughout the entire weekend of events.

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