Janet Jackson Delivers a Message of Love at Quicken Loans Arena Concert

It seems as if singer and actress Janet Jackson been around in some capacity or another for ages, and that’s largely true in a way. Her career as a vocalist dates back to the early ’80s and her acting goes back even further into the ’70s with her role as Penny on Good Times.

As a performer, Jackson’s songs run the gamut from high energy pop numbers to romantic ballads to defiant and inspiring anthems to even the most sultry quiet storm tunes. She brought all of those to last night’s State of the World show at Quicken Loans Arena.

The tour takes its name from a track on Jackson’s Rhythm Nation album and is actually a continuation of her last tour, Unbreakable, which she postponed due to her pregnancy.

Before the show got started, screens around the arena featured social media posts with the hashtag #ClevelandLovesJanet. Three large panels on the stage would serve as projection screens during various intervals of the show.

As the lights went down, news excerpts read off the names of unarmed black men who have been killed by police officers and also explained the threat of white supremacy before Ms. Jackson emerged onto the stage. She was greeted with a huge applause from the crowd.

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