Local Rapper Vice Souletric Takes a DIY Approach on His New Album

vice souletric At a time where real estate mogul Donald Trump has positioned himself as a viable candidate for President of the United States, another candidate looks to gain some public support. Vice Souletric, a hardworking, Average Joe from Small-Town USA, is trying to make a difference.

The rapper/producer is poised to lay down the planks of his platform that present him as the right man for the job, playing unheard songs like “T.A.M.I.R.” and “There’s No Tomorrow Til You Wake Up” from his latest release, Vice for President 2.

“I’m just an artist in the purest sense of the word,” Souletric says as he sits at console of his in-home studio. “Musically, I’m a producer, I’m an emcee. I actually started rapping first. I only started making beats because I couldn’t find anybody to make the type of beats that I like. So it kind of forced me to learn the style and the rhythm because I always had an East Coast kind of influence in the stuff that I liked and the stuff that I wanted to do. What a lot of people don’t know is that behind the scenes. I do everything. I do my own artwork. I do my own CD art. I do my own web design. I’m pretty much like like a one-man show. The only thing I don’t do is my final mix. I’ve got a cat in Germany who does that. He’s off the hook, so I let him handle that. It makes it easier when you’re working on a solo project, like the last two that I’ve done.”

If elected, Souletric already has his Cabinet selected in the form of his United Grind collective.

“We actually have a website UnitedGrind.com that is a blog supporting independent hip-hop and gives independent hip-hop advice to artists,” he says. “It consists of myself, G. Huff and HiJinks. We’re all artists as well as bloggers. We’ve been in the game for so long and we have so many different experiences that we try to help other artists out. ”

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