Local R&B Singer MAZ Preps for Her First Official Release

MAZLocal R&B singer MAZ says that she’s been creating since birth. Her mother was a portrait artist and her father a producer, so it would seem almost predestined that she would always follow a creative path in her life. She was always auditioning — mimicking her favorite artists at the time, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

“It wasn’t until high school when I started to try and carve my own aural footprint,” she says. “I didn’t release anything as MAZ until my 21st birthday.”

MAZ credits her father for constantly exposing her to music at such a young age.

“Yeah, he was a producer and actually rapping back then, but we got robbed,” she says. “After that he just bought equipment to DJ. So music has always been in my life. He’s still deejays now. Growing up, I never really had a curfew because he would be up all night playing loud music. So that kind of got me into being up late and creating. My brothers and sisters are creatives too so we would just be up and making music videos and stuff. We would put on performances for our parents and grandparents. I was writing songs at a really young age, probably as soon as I learned how to write. I remember seeing an AA/BB line pattern and as soon as I figured out how to do that I was making Halloween jingles. I also remember remixing ‘Misty Blue’ over a Monica beat with my older brother.”

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