Rapper Kanye West Keeps It Tame and Inspirational at the Q

kanyewestThere are few entertainers that are as polarizing as Kanye West. The people who despise him will roll out a laundry list of reasons why they do, but on the other side of the coin, his endearing fans will unfurl a scroll of reasons why they adore him. Last night, West’s Saint Pablo Tour made a stop at Quicken Loans Arena. Hordes of people lined up outside ready and eager to get an up close and personal look at their hero.

But they would have to wait a bit longer.

The problem? There was a technical issue with the Flash Seats ticketing service which meant that concertgoers had to go over to the box office and get paper tickets alongside the people who were buying tickets at the door. It was a clusterfuck of a situation that proved to be quite frustrating for all parties involved. Inside the arena, the atmosphere was dim and foggy as the crowd trickled in as fast as possible.

Nearly two hours after the show was slated to begin, the lights fell and the instant roar from the audience was deafening as West was ready to take to the stage.

That stage ‚ÄĒ a floating platform that hovered above the crowd on the floor, sailed from side to side and sometimes even tilted in multiple directions. The lights underneath bathed the concertgoers who treated the area as their own moshpit. Even LeBron James made his way down there before the night was over.

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