RapReviews | Review: Retch – Polo Sporting Goods

retch-PoloA few months ago, Action Bronson dropped his Party Supplies-produced and highly lauded “Blue Chips 2.” One of the project’s songs, “Flip Ya” — a track that masterfully samples Junior Walker’s rendition of “Wishing On A Star.” Overall, the song is a bit too short for my liking but it works. Following Action’s verse that somehow manages to tie together driving gloves, Vanna White and a shihzu, another voice enters the stage. That voice is one of Retchy P the Lo God, or just Retch for short. He spit a verse that took him to a Yiddish luncheon, finds him hosting a party and having Steve Harvey (of all people) escorted out for stunting too hard. Hilariously dope stuff. On the heels of the buzz generated by that appearance, Retchy P dropped his latest mixtape entitled “Polo Sporting Goods.” There has been a trend as of late among artists of recording entire projects with a single producer and I’m highly in favor of it. I feel like it brings a certain sense of cohesiveness to things. On “Polo Sporting Goods,” Retchy has teamed up with Thelonius (not to be confused with Terrace) Martin for eleven gritty and grimey tracks.

As is such, it’s only right that things open up with “Graceful Jewelry Removal,” a frantic tour through the streets where sights like dice games, drug use and bodies being dumped into the Hudson River are not an uncommon occurrence. “Marmalade Sky” combines drug dealing with a tale of espionage that would make James Bond jealous. Retchy’s ziplining through windows, planting bombs, dropping elbows to the face, evading the cops and getting away scot free in the end. “Burgundy Windbreaker” is more of the same but this time Retchy finds himself in pursuit of some stolen diamonds aboard a ship with its sights set on the Cayman Islands.

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