Scene | Devin the Dude and Crew Deliver Fun-filled Show at Grog Shop

Devin the DudeOn Saturday night, Devin the Dude and his Buds & Suds Tour rolled into town. Staying true to the name, tall boys of Pabst Blue Ribbon were flowing and a certain kind of smoke lingered in the air of the Grog Shop for a majority of the night. The merch tables were ‎active and the stage was filled with equipment and props for the forthcoming sets. Joining Devin, the show lineup included Blaze 1, J. Hornay, Cool Nutz, Potluck and Berner.

The crowd began to fill in as Blaze 1, J. Hornay and Cool Nutz performed in their respective slots. Marijuana enthusiasts took it upon themselves to spark up and add a little ambiance to the already-intimate venue. The wait for Potluck was a bit extended but the Humboldt County, Calif. duo gave one of the night’s best performances. Dual monitors played videos to go along with their high-energy act that eventually ended up spilling into the crowd during “Shut The Fuck Up,” the song that closed out the set. ‎Berner stepped to the stage with a small entourage to the side, a fifth of Grey Goose in hand and something to smoke behind his ear before performing songs like “Paradise” and “Drugs” among others, much to the delight of his fans in the crowd.

Another lengthy wait followed, prompting one concertgoer to yell out “Devin, where you at?! You can smoke out here with us!” The spaced-out “Zeldar” began to play as a remote controlled quad copter flew over the crowd. The pilot, who emerged from behind a curtain, was none other than the Dude himself.

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